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About ACR/ARP Mailing Lists

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR)/Association of Rheumatology Professionals (ARP) mailing list offers direct access to thousands of engaged professionals advancing the rheumatology subspecialty. Renting the ACR/ARP mailing list is an effective direct marketing tool you can use to inform these prospects, letting them know you are eager to conduct business and maintain a top-of-mind presence throughout the year. Please note that these lists exclude members choosing to opt out of receiving these mailings and follow General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance. Email address lists are not available.

For more information, counts, or to place an order, contact INFOCUS Marketing at 800-708-5478,, or view details online.

As an added convenience for ACR/ARP mailing list renters, INFOCUS offers integrated marketing services to help save you time and money. Whatever the need - delivering a direct mail promotion about your product or service, acquiring new prospect lists, or printing marketing collateral - INFOCUS has the ability and expertise to take you from start to finish seamlessly.
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The entirety of the mailing list, nor any part of the data, may not be republished or duplicated, shared or sold, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes, purposes of compiling a database, or for any purposes other than sending the mail piece for which the list was approved, without the prior express written permission of the ACR. The ACR name or logo, in whole or part, may not be used in any mail piece. A final version of the mail piece is required for approval. The ACR mailing list may only be obtained through our approved vendor, INFOCUS Marketing.

Although the ACR undertakes reasonable efforts to keep the information in the mailing list up to date, the ACR does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or in any way endorse the individuals described therein.

Promotional Material Guidelines

Promotional materials sent through the ACR/ARP mailing list, those advocating activities held in conjunction with ACR/ARP programs, and those referencing the ACR/ARP name or an ACR/ARP activity are all required to abide by the guidelines outlined below. All collateral must be reviewed and approved by the ACR including, but not limited to:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Postcards
  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • Signage

Guidelines for Promotional Materials Using the ACR/ARP Mailing List

  • When renting the ACR/ARP mailing list or producing any other kind of promotional piece, please carefully review all ACR/ARP promotional materials guidelines before submitting materials to ACR/ARP for approval.
  • The names, insignias, logos, and acronyms of the ACR, ARP, and Rheumatology Research Foundation (Foundation) are proprietary marks. Use of the names in any fashion, by any entity, for any purpose, is prohibited without the written permission of the ACR/ARP.
  • The ACR/ARP strongly recommends that materials not be printed prior to receiving approval. Please allow seven business days for materials to be reviewed. The ACR/ARP is not responsible for cost of printing unapproved materials.

Guidelines for Materials Promoting Activities in Conjunction with ACR/ARP Programs

  • The names, insignias, logos, and acronyms of the ACR, ARP and Foundation are proprietary marks. Use of the names in any fashion, by any entity, for any purpose, is prohibited without the written permission of the ACR/ARP.
  • Promotional materials must reflect the professional tone of the ACR, ARP, and Foundation.
  • Promotional materials must indicate the name of the supporter and/or sponsor and must not imply – directly or indirectly – that the programs are part of official ACR/ARP activities.
  • Aside from approved disclaimer language, the ACR/ARP name and/or names of ACR/ARP meetings may not be referenced in any other manner on third-party mailers, including reports, summaries, questionnaires, websites, URLs, or any printed or electronic materials.
  • The ACR/ARP name may not appear on any page that also refers to a product name.
  • For any third-party events occurring during or after an ACR/ARP meeting, the following disclaimer must be included on the front of each piece: “This is not an official function/event of the American College of Rheumatology”.
  • The mention of a free or complimentary gift is strictly prohibited in all promotional materials
  • When referring to a specific ACR/ARP activity/meeting, please reference the meeting in the following fashion:

Full Meeting Name
Meeting Dates
Meeting City, State

ACR Convergence 2024
November 14–19, 2024
Washington, DC

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