Clinical Guidance

American College of Rheumatology (ACR) guidance documents are an avenue for projects seeking ACR endorsement or collaboration that do not fit into existing ACR publication pathways but where clinical guidance is desired by the rheumatology community. Under the direction of the ACR Guidance Subcommittee, guidance-related topics and proposals are vetted for consideration.

About ACR Clinical Guidance

Projects to be considered by the subcommittee and considered for ACR endorsement should be timely and of high interest to ACR members and other stakeholders. The subcommittee is also charged with generating unique ideas for ACR guidance projects and publications.

Guidance Documents Framework

View the guidance document framework for individuals who wish to submit ideas or guidance documents to the ACR for review and/or approval.

Available Guidance Documents

Guideline and Criteria App

The ACR’s Guideline and Criteria App is the go-to mobile tool for clinicians to implement guideline recommendations and criteria sets into practice. The app features interactive tools to inform treatment decisions at the point of care, including algorithms, scores and calculators, full guideline and criteria content, keyword searches, customizable bookmarks, and note-taking capabilities. Download the free app on the App Store or Google Play and have quick access on your iOS or Android device.


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