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The RISE Hub provides supplemental resources you need to navigate RISE, improve patient care, and use RISE to its fullest potential.

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QPP Tips

Are you reporting for Traditional MIPS or the Advancing Rheumatology MVP? Check out the QPP Tips page for important information related to MIPS and MVP reporting requirements.

Access QPP Tips

Video Resources

The RISE team created several videos on various topics including RISE dashboard demos, process walkthroughs, MIPS performance categories and reporting requirements, and more.

See RISE Video Resources


See archives of RISE Exclusive, the ACR's newsletter only available to RISE users, and browse news articles about the RISE registry.

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RISE Registry Team Virtual Office Hours

RISE Team Virtual Office Hours

To assist RISE users, RISE staff are instituting a monthly office hour. RISE users are invited to bring any questions or requests for discussion during this dedicated time. Office hours will be held on the second Friday each month, from 11:00 AM-noon ET.


Please note: RISE office hours are suspended until January 2024.

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RISE Resources & Deadlines

RISE Registry Deadlines

2023 Performance Year

(2023 MIPS/MVP Reporting Period)

October 31, 2023
Deadline to upload CMS-1500 form MIPS/MVP Dashboard (if reporting for QPP through RISE)
Deadline to submit measure refinement requests

2023 Performance Year

(2023 MIPS/MVP Reporting Period)

November 30, 2023
Registration closes for MIPS Value Pathways

December 2023
PY 2023 MIPS eligibility finalized

December 31, 2023
PY 2023 ends

You can earn 20.00 CME credits/MOC points for your performance tracking with the RISE Performance Improvement Activity. In the ACCME activity, you will assess your performance, identify opportunities for improvement, create and implement an improvement plan for 90+ days, and reassess to see if and how your performance changed. The last day providers could begin implementing changes in practice to participate in the activity was October 3, 2023.

See your colleague’s takeaways from the RISE Performance Improvement Activity.

Please note: Registration for the 2023 activity has now closed.

RISE Performance Improvement Activity Detailsexternal link opens in a new tab.
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