Rheumatology Interprofessional Team

Small Team Membership


Small but mighty! The ACR and ARP equip the entire rheumatology team with the most trusted research, resources, and training in the field of rheumatology. ACR/ARP Small Team Membership allows you to build your practice, train your team, and deliver exceptional patient care, as well as be part of the ACR/ARP community.

Small Team Membership is available in three sizes to meet the needs of your practice: teams can have four, six, or 15 members, and you can upgrade to a higher number of members at any time. Each team comprises one physician member, with the remaining memberships reserved for rheumatology team members, including rehab, behavioral health, research, NPs, PAs, practice admins, PharmDs, and more.

Small Team Membership benefits include:

  • One consolidated invoice
  • Transferrable membership options
  • All individual member benefits for each team member
  • Free access to exclusive courses
  • Free credit hours toward license renewals
  • Cost savings up to 40%

Why Transfer Your Existing Membership?

You don’t have to wait for your membership renewal date to form a team. You can convert your individual membership, or the membership of any team member, to a Small Team Membership today. Current members will receive additional communications regarding how you will be refunded, via the original form of payment, for any remaining time on your individual membership. Existing individual ACR/ARP memberships will be updated to reflect an end date as one calendar year from the date of activation of the Small Team Membership.

Additionally, Small Team Membership allows for flexibility with your team. You can easily transfer memberships from one team member to another, based on your team members and their needs.

Before Applying for Small Team Membership

  • Only a physician can apply for Small Team Membership.
  • The Small Team Membership application process should take less than 10 minutes.
  • If you already have an ACR account, you will be prompted to log in to begin the Small Team Membership application process.
  • If you are unable to complete your application at one time, all of your Small Team Membership application information will be saved.
  • The organization tax ID number for your practice will be required. All Small Team members must be under the same tax ID number.

After Applying for Small Team Membership

  • There will be an opportunity to appoint a Small Team Membership Administrator, who can quickly and easily add and remove members of the team, handle renewal billing, opt in to auto-renew for future renewals, expand your team to the next largest team tier, and address action items and notices. You are not required to appoint a Small Team Membership Administrator, but the Administrator plays an important role in ensuring the continued value of your Small Team Membership.
  • You will be asked to add information for each person you invite to join your Small Team. You are not required to complete this information during your Small Team Membership setup, but the sooner all of your Small Team members are in place, the sooner the team can take advantage of their member benefits.
  • The Small Team Membership Administrator can easily update any of this information on the Manage My Team page.

Read the membership FAQs for more information.

Ready to create your ACR/ARP Small Team Membership and take advantage of unparalleled rheumatology education, resources, training, and support for the entire professional team?


Create My Small Team

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