Membership Means Excellence


What does it mean to say that your ACR/ARP membership means excellence?

It means that your ACR/ARP membership puts you on the forefront of cutting-edge information. It means countless opportunities to expand your network. It means that it's about your team and its strong foundation of education and support.

Membership excellence means that the ACR and ARP are here for you, so you can be there for your patients.

About ACR/ARP Members

More than 9,100 rheumatologists and rheumatology professionals, representing 110 countries, make up the ACR/ARP membership. These members are dedicated to improving the care of patients with rheumatic diseases and advancing the rheumatology subspecialty.

Awards & Grants

There is no shortage of outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of rheumatology! From excellence in patient advocacy and clinical expertise, to recognition of mentoring and service to the rheumatology community, the ACR/ARP boast extensive awards and recognition programs.

The Rheumatology Research Foundation's awards and grants support the training and development of rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals, as well as nurture novel research ideas for the future. Additionally, fellows in training, interprofessionals, students, and residents have access to a wide range of grants and scholarships.

Code of Ethics

The primary purpose of the ACR's Code of Ethics is to support the ACR's mission: To empower rheumatology professionals to excel in their specialty. Maintaining its reputation in the scientific and medical communities and with the general public as a credible, objective, and unbiased force whose statements, activities, and relationships are beyond reproach is the barometer of ACR’s success in this mission.

Member Testimonials

Prateek Gandiga, MD, FACP

ACR activities have helped me grow in ways I never anticipated, both professionally and personally. The connections I've made and skills I've learned as a volunteer have made me a better teacher, physician, and all-around happier human. Where else can you find an incredibly diverse collection of colleagues who will happily swap both pearls on treating incredibly rare diseases and insider secrets on making perfect baked goods all at the same time?

Make a Difference

Whether you choose to support our advocacy work or the Foundation's research and training programs, or both, your generosity makes it possible to continue our efforts to advance the specialty and the future of rheumatology.


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