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From CARE to the Virtual Lupus Clinic, browse the ACR’s library of online educational activities. ACR/ARP members receive discounts for online activities, and many activities are free.

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Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course

New to rheumatology or just need a refresher? The Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course (FRC) comprises 10 online learning activities that were developed to expand your fundamental rheumatology knowledge.


Each module is just $139 or purchase the entire curriculum for $1,259.


Bonus: New ACR/ARP members and members renewing under the pilot membership model receive FRC for free. Membership dues range from $120–475, and student/residents can join for free.


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Advanced Rheumatology Course

The Advanced Rheumatology Course (ARC) is an essential rheumatology training course for anyone new to rheumatology, primarily geared toward NPs and PAs. Purchase the entire set of 19 modules for $2,399 or individual modules for $180 each.

ACR/ARP members receive a discount on ARC: $1,999 for the entire set and $150 per module, making membership a significant value.

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The creation of Rheum4Science grew from the conviction that the teaching of science is declining in rheumatology. The target audience is rheumatology fellows in training, medical students, residents, practicing rheumatologists, and rheumatology healthcare providers.

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Rheum4Science – Immunology

Rheum4Science – Immunopathogenesis of Rheumatic Disease

Rheum4Science – Clinical Research Methodology

Rheum2Learn 2.0

Rheum2Learn 2.0 activities are free, case-based, virtual patient modules that provide fundamental rheumatology education. Residents, internal medicine program directors, and faculty who teach residents are encouraged to use and share these resources. More activities will be available soon.

Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Systemic SclerosisNew
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Sjögren’s DiseaseNew
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Inflammatory Myopathies
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Osteoporosis
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Pediatric Rheumatology
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Rheum2Learn 2.0 – Infectious Arthritis

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